T-79.4202 Principles of Algorithmic Techniques: Homework Assignments

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General Information

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Tools and Tutorials

Installing and using Python

At the time of this writing, the university computers (e.g. at Maarintalo) have Python 3.2.x installed (initiable with command python3) which should be powerful enough to complete the assignments (grader for the course assignments uses Python 3.4.x). Basically how this might influence you is that you have some fewer features at your disposal, nothing too crucial for the assignments.

If you wish to use your personal computer for the homework, you should have the Python programming language version 3.4.X installed in your machine. To install, please follow these instructions.

You can use any text editor to write Python code, and then execute the code on the command line. Alternatively, use your favourite integrated development environment (IDE).

If you are unfamiliar with Python, you can have a look at for example the official Python tutorial.

Python support for Eclipse (optional)

Eclipse users can use the PyDev plugin. For system requirements and more detailed instructions, see the download page. Basically, you just select "Help -> Install new software ..." in Eclipse, enter http://pydev.org/updates in the "Work with:" field, and then mark and install "PyDev".

After this, follow the instructions in the PyDev manual to configure the Python interpreter. Basically, select window -> Preferences -> PyDev in left side menu -> Interpreter - Python, click New and enter the path for your Python interpreter, typically /usr/bin/python in Linux. If you have multiple versions of Python in your machine, make sure that language version 3.x is supported.

When creating new projects for the assignments, use "PyDev project".

To import source files from the assignments, use "Import" -> "General" -> "File system" and then include the assignment directory and mark the source files there.

To run Python code, select the source file, right mouse click, and "Run as" with "Python Run"

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Backup Policy

You are responsible for maintaining backups of your answers.

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