CS-C2150 Theoretical Computer Science

Computerised Assignments

This is the general information page on the computer-validated home assignments of the course CS-C2150 Theoretical Computer Science.

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General Information

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The underlying Regis/Stratum system was taken into operational use in Autumn 2002, and has proven very reliable.

However, sometimes problems occur. Here are some anticipated sources of misunderstandings and their remedies:

If you have problems with your personally generated assignments, you can consult the course personnel as follows:

  1. For general "how does this work" and "what does this mean" questions, you can ask the lecturer during the lecture breaks or consult the assistants on the tutorials.
  2. In case of technical problems with the assignment system, please send email to icsc2000@ics.aalto.fi. In this case please mention your student number in the message. Most "technical problems" (feedback does not make sense etc) in the past have been caused by browser caches: please use "shift+reload" first.